Saturday, 13 June 2015

No time for blogging....

....too much running!

Well, not really, just very busy generally.

Running is little and often still, short runs, very (very, very) slow, but that'll do for now. I have started getting up very early so I can squeeze in a run, at a random Peak District location, on the way to work. I feel extremely lucky to be able to do this!

Enough of the waffle. Here are some pics :)

Perfect stone for a rest to admire the view.

And here is the view (from slightly further up the hillside). Bakestonedale Moor.... I won't be going back despite the view (scary man stood on path and watched/waited for me - at least I ran quicker!)
Oker, near home.

Almost at the top of Chrome Hill at 6am! 

The view coming off Chrome Hill.

Cressbrook Dale. Just beautiful.


  1. Lovely photos. Well done for fitting the running in xx

  2. And well done for fitting the blogging in too